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Community FIRST day

Our team main goal, is to make a difference and inspire most communities and people we can reach around the world.
We would like to expose you to the amazing connection between us and teams Brazilian Storm FRC and FRC #1382 from São Paulo, Brazil.
From the first beginning, team 1382 was one of the the first teams who joined our "Community FIRST" day 2017.
Then, we started the English Program for the team. Where we taught them words and phrases about FIRST, Sponsors and Community.
During the program, the team mentor Leo told us they have problems with opening their new rookie team 6404. We jumped on the opportunity to help in anything we can.
So, we started our journey with helping them raise money for the team opening by translating emails to English and finding places which was willing to help.
Then, the brand new rookie team joined our Community FIRST day as well. And started their community involvement with the project.
During the building season, FLL and districts competitions, we stayed in touch, helped the teams translating the FIRST manual and writing the Chairmans award assay. We even got a surprising Happy Birthday video!
We would like to congratulate team 6404 for winning the "Rookie All Star" award and wish good luck to team 1382 in their competitions! We love you!
We hope we will collaborate with even more teams around the world! The power is bigger together!

District 3 behind us.

District 3 behind us and we are still very excited from all the madness!
After hard and arduous work, we reached to be the captain of the eighth alliance!
In addition, we won the Quality Award, a prize given on a quality, modular robot that can handle all challenges in the game. We were particularly excited when the judges said that we had turned our city into a "robotic research center" - amazing!
We want to thank our amazing alliance, together we reached the quarterfinals with the highest score in the country of 395 points! Ha-Dream Team # 3075 FRC Trigon 5990.
We would like to thank all the teams who took part in these two amazing competitions, the volunteers and the First Israel team, who set up the competitions in an exceptional way! Special thanks to the mentors, engineers, and of course our sponsors for the support all the way!
See you in the final!

The finals of the FLL and FTC competitions!

After a particularly crazy week, it's time to write a few words about two special days we've been through - the finals of the FLL and FTC competitions!
After a long period of time, hard work and fun together our four FLL teams and our FTC team that we serve as Mentor assistants, we were able to achieve amazing achievements and no less important for the unforgettable experience!
Team 590 "All Stars" - won the 3rd place championship and finished first in the robot games in the first finals, and will be privileged to represent Israel in the international competition in England!
Team 1068 "Kakadu" - won the 4th place championship in the second finals, and the "Inspiration" award and will also represent Israel in the international competition in England!
Great honor also comes to the 900 "Tik Tak" team and the "RoboTeam 901" team for getting to the national finalists - you are amazing!
FTC Atomix # 11443 won the Motivation Award! And reached the semi-finals, so proud!
A special prize was given to our head mentor, who coordinates all the teams in school and in the city - Etty itzhak, the only one who won this year's FIRST Volunteer Award! Etty, you are a source of inspiration and a role model for all of us, it's all because of you!
we enjoyed to volunteer during the finels!
we are so proud in our school and in our city!

our first District competition

our first District competition it was amazing!
After two amazing days (and very Exhausting) we are excited to share with you that we won the "Engineering Inspiration Award" and "Safety Award" !!
In addition, thanks to our amazing alliance: Alliance # 3, Vulcan # 3835 The Poros # 5554 that we reached with them to the semi-finals!
We would like to thank our amazing mentors, the envelope staff, the school principal for the great love and support, for the dear parents who support us along and for our amazing sponsors, without you we would not have reached to where we are today!
we love you !

Meet Bolt !

We are proud to present our robot for the 2017 season - BOLT ⚡️️!

Six and a half weeks just ended ?

Six and a half weeks had passed since the kick-off, who would have believed it?
45 days in which we worked non-stop until the new member joined the family - BOLT!
We enjoyed the period, thanks to the partners in the amazing journey that we are going through here. It's time to say thank you!
Before all, a huge thanks for our main mentor - Etti Yitzhak! You are the heart of the team, it goes without saying that beyond the construction season. The amount of hours that you stayed with us is not obvious, thank you!
Our mentors from the Nuclear Research Center - Arnon, Nissim, Uri, Ofer, Guy, Danny, Maor, Itai and Liran have long been more than mentors for us. They are our role models and source of inspiration that guide us to reach as far as possible and break boundaries from season to season.
For our amazing mentor Maxim who joined us this season and has been helping us in any way.
To our sponsors - who are with us every step of the way, and believe in us in everything we do. You are unique, we have no words to describe the amount of appreciation and love to you, amazing!
Our parents - beyond that they agreed that we leave the house for six and a half weeks - spoiled us every day with an amazing meal and came last night to celebrate the last hours of the construction season.
to our School Director who helped us with anything we wanted, helped us overcome obstacles, participated in the entire construction process and visited us at the workshop every night - there is no one like you!
To Rotem Cohen Director of the University. Thank you very much for your support and faith in us over the years.
To our workshop team - Aliza and Dora - who were there for us at all times and without you we would not have succeeded in reaching our goals!
And to the management team and the teachers - who gave us the opportunity to meet the goals and times we set for ourselves and came to visit over the period.
Maybe the construction season is over, but the SteamWorks season has just started!

national poster competition !

We are proud and excited to announce that we won the national poster competition for the transition to Distrits!
Our poster, together with the two posters of the teams from the Green Village and Eilat, will be printed and displayed in the various FRC competitions, honor! Thank you all!

Fifth week of the season. Especially busy!

Fifth week of the season. Especially busy!
At the beginning of the week, we have met with MR. Yochanan Locker, the chairman of ICL, for a meeting where we presented him with the various robotics programs in the city in general and at our school in particular.
Yesterday, we hosted and volunteered at FIRST Tech Challenge Israel's most recent training competition with our FTC team, #Atomix 11443 !
In the competition, we volunteered as court judges, general volunteers and MC. We had the honor to host all the teams that came to us from all over the country!
Thank you to Or Daniel, Director of the FTC program in Israel, to Eli Barak, Director of the FTC and FRC programs, and to Yaarit Levy, the CEO of FIRST Israel for the privilege of hosting this competition!
And of course we will not forget to thank Avihu Ben-Nun, the FIRST chairman of Israel who came and took part in the event, it's always exciting to meet someone like you!
We are working energetically towards the end of the season, a successful season to everyone !

25 Jul
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Selling second hand books at Dimona's Shopping Center.
We are killing two birds with one stone… we are raising money and also helping the environment.

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25 Jul
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Raising Money!

Even on Fridays, we are selling second hand books at the local mall. It's all for our cause!!

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25 Jul
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Who we are?

We are 20 Students in 10-11 grades (8 girls & 12 boys), from Zinman high school in Dimona Israel.
We’re all graduates of the international FLL robotics competition for junior High. In the next year we will participate in the FRC robotics competition for high school students, a competition that requires us more effort, investment, knowledge, tools, materials and resources.

Robotics for us isn't just an after class activity, its a huge family, contribution to the community, team work, independence and responsibility, therefore it was a little hard to say goodbye so we decided to open an FRC team and everyone go for it!

What is FRC?
The FIRST Robotics Competition provides the opportunity for high school students and their mentors to work together to solve a common problem. They will have six weeks to design and build a robot using a standard "kit of parts" and a common set of rules. Each year the challenge is designed by Dean Kamen, FRC staff, and a committee of engineers and other professionals.

FIRST redefines winning for students by rewarding teams for excellence in design, demonstrated team spirit, Gracious Professionalism, and the ability to overcome obstacles. Scoring points is a secondary goal- winning means building partnerships that last.

The cost of participation in the contest is 12,000 $.

We are working hard to raise the money on our own, and it’s not easy. We washed cars, sold second hand books, collect bottles for deposit, opened a stand in Israel Independence Day and most importantly we never stopped thinking about other creative activities to raise money.

Despite all of our actions, it's not enough.
So where is your part in it? Here it comes.
We need every help we can get with making our dream come true - establishing an FRC group.
We're asking your help raising:
Construction and programming specialists.
Equipment acquisition: tools and materials.
Payment for participation in the competition.
Raising sponsors.
help us explore, dream, discover and join our journey!

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